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Which 4 Zodiac Signs Are Happier When Single, According To Astrology? | YourTango

10 Ways To LOVE The Heck Out Of Being Single 3. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21) Sagittarius doesn’t mind dating and relationships as long as he gets to call the shots. No, that doesn’t mean he’s controlling, it just means that if things start to get too serious or clingy for him, he always knows his way out of the partnership. Because Sagittarius really isn’t emotionally ready for the serious relationship, he’s one of the zodiac signs that are much happier when single. For him, relationships have to be a growing experience… and Sagittarius doesn’t make the same mistake. Let me explain. If Sagittarius tries the long-term thing and realizes he just doesn’t have enough time for himself too, he’s not going to get serious with someone again until he knows what he wants from it – lesson learned. What makes him happiest right now is being able to stay single and work on what he wants, so that when he tries again, he’ll be much more mature and grow up. RELATED:  7 Secrets Of Blissfully Single People You MUST Know Aquarius is much happier single than he is in a relationship because he’s just better independent.

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